Youth Conference

June 24-27, 2024 - Elgin, IL

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Youth Conference combines a fun, exciting schedule with fiery, spirit-filled preaching to facilitate an atmosphere where lives can be changed. We pray and prepare each year for God to meet with us and see even the hardest hearts surrender their future and their will to Him.

Come join us in 2024 and see your teenagers make decisions that will last for eternity.

2024 Guest Speakers

Missionary Ben Anglea


Pastor Terry Anglea

Faith Baptist Church
Bourbonnais, IL

Pastor Cecil Ballard

Grace Baptist Church
Marion, IA

Pastor Joe Grimaldi

First Baptist Church of Kenmore
Akron, OH

"...all the preparation, including fervent prayer from the people, created the environment where God was able to work in hearts."

- Pastor Terry Anglea (Bourbonnais, IL)

Hot Preaching. Changed Lives.

Preaching time at Youth Conference is not for entertainment.
Teenagers still need good, strong preaching! The guest speakers bring messages geared directly towards the needs of our young people.

Old-fashioned altar calls with an emphasis on Decision Time.

To the glory of God, hundreds of decisions are publicly made by teenagers each year during Youth Conference.

Whether it is salvation, surrender to God's will, repentance of sin, or renewing a walk with God...the old-fashioned altar call gives everyone an opportunity to solidify the decisions they have made.

Fun & Exciting Activities.

Your group is guaranteed to make some unforgettable memories.
Every game and activity is planned for maximum enjoyment. Have a great time mixing it up with hundreds of other young people.

"What an incredible week God gave us. Several important decisions were made by my group, not the least of which were a call to missions and another call to preach. The recurring theme of God still being able to use them no matter their circumstances was exactly what they needed. Thank you for all that you and the staff did this week to create an environment for the Holy Spirit to move."

Co-pastor Abraham Chae (Lockport, IL)

Who We Are:
Northwest Bible Baptist Church

Pastor Phil Cavanaugh

Phil Cavanaugh

Youth Pastor Joel Szwarga

Joel Szwarga
Youth Pastor

Independent. Fundamental. King James. Soulwinning. Separation. Standards.

The Bible values, principles, and standards that you’ve taught your young people will be reinforced by the environment they experience and the preaching they hear at Youth Conference.